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Top 10 Checklist:

How To Reduce Your Business Data - Internet Services Bill
(Telecom Expense Management (TEM)/ Telecommunications Services Audit)

  1. Renegotiate agreements with existing providers.
  2. Disconnect dead circuits.
  3. Consolidate circuits.
  4. Correct mileage errors.
  5. Increase discounts with volume/term agreements.
  6. Switch dedicated circuits to frame relay or VPN.
  7. Ensure proper discounts, rates and taxes are applied.
  8. Move voice calls over to frame relay or internet.
  9. Purchase rather than rent CPE (Customer Premise Equipment).
  10. Switch service providers.
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TeamNCTY will perform these and many other data and internet services optimization steps for you on a 100% contingency basis.

80% of the time we save our clients between 18% and 28% on their annual telecom expenses.

If we do not save you money… you owe us nothing!

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