offers a host of outstanding benefits to companies of all sizes wishing to reduce their telecom expenses. Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Don't save - don't pay. clients don't pay a red dime until they see tangible, sustained savings on their telecom expenses. There are no catches and no hidden clauses, you only pay if and when you really save money. Period.
  2. 80% of the time, our clients experience telecom expense reductions in the range of 18% to 28%.
  3. 70% of the time we deliver these significant savings without changing vendors.

We provide our Independent and Unbiased Services by inserting ourselves between the Vendor and our Client.

We obtain critical telecom information such as monthly invoices, customer records and contracts and process them through our proven Process Methodology comparing Rates & Tariffs (i.e. - compare mobile phone tariff), competitive information, pricing and other market details. While performing our Expense Analysis, we reconcile our client's telecom invoices against their actual telecom records.

Frequently, billing errors are uncovered, and part of our service is to recover any over payments with credit or cash refunds being negotiated on behalf of our clients.

From this process, we produce an Executive Summary of our Findings and Recommendations.

Our clients then make a business decision, and authorize us to implement any or all of the changes we have recommended.

We then oversee the implementation process. Using our proven project management methodology, we work with the Vendors and Carriers to insure all revisions are handled accurately and on time.

Following implementation, over the 24 month term of our Agreement, we perform quarterly reviews to validate the savings we found and also to look for additional savings.

All of these services are performed on a contingency basis at no cost to our clients. We derive no compensation or commission of any sort from any vendor, telephone company, equipment manufacturer, wireless, local or long distance provider. By remaining strictly neutral, we look out for our clients’ best interest first and foremost. The only way we get paid is if we find savings for our clients.

Our value proposition is straightforward, we provide our clients with:

Money: Typically we will reduce telecom expenses in the range of 18-28%.

Time: In addition, significant savings in “Soft Dollars” will be generated by freeing your personnel up to focus on other core business competencies. We also lower costs through invoice consolidation. And, future telecom analysis is provided on a Quarterly basis over the life of the Agreement as part of our Expense Reduction Services at no extra charge.

Security: In addition to technology-based security, our clients are secure in the knowledge that they have optimized their telecom expense dollars on an on-going basis.

Knowledge: Our network of offices represents over 5,200 years of experience. We stay on top of the industry providers and technology to insure that our clients are Always optimizing their telecom dollars with “Leading Edge” rather than “Bleeding Edge” investments.

Our simple guarantee:

If we do not find any savings, our client owes us nothing.