Team NCTY, Inc., a strategic partner of RMH Telecom Consultants, offers you the following:

  • Direct access to a network of 195+ offices with over 7,400 clients, managing more than $340,000,000 in annual telecom expenses across North America
  • Expense Optimization Services are provided on a 100% Contingency Basis and our fees are SELF FUNDED out of the savings we deliver to you...
    • The Client incurs NO expense
    • The Client uses NO internal resources
    • The Client incurs NO risk
    • The Client always remains in control of the GO/NO GO decision.
    • The Client is under NO obligation to accept our Recommendations
    • We project-manage the implementation at no additional charge
    • We come back Quarterly to validate the savings and look for further cost reductions over the life of the contract
    • 80% of our clients reduce their telecom expenses by 18-28%
    • 70% of the time we never change vendors!
  • RMH Telecom Consultants has over $124,000,000 in telecom expenses under contract

Example of Savings Delivered to Clients:

Estabrook Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Lincoln Mercury    -    $40,000+/year

Jim Robinson Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac, GMC    -    $40,000+/year

M&M Bank    -    $40,000+/year

First National Bankers Bank    -    $21,000+/year

Century Bank    -    $27,000+/year

Jackson County, MS    -    $87,000+/year

GA Baptist Children's Homes    -    $22,000+/year

Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association    -    $6,000+/year

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association    -    $12,000+/year

Colingo Williams Law Firm    -    $8,000+/year

Our Guarantee: - If We Don't Save You Money, You Owe Us Nothing!

It's that simple.